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Waroeng Tiki Taka, Legit Spicy Sambal You Should not Miss

By Eskanisa R

23 March 2020

Deliciousness of spicy sambal at Waroeng Tiki Taka.

It cannot be denied if spicy food is so popular among food enthusiasts, spicy lovers pointedly. Usually they use the word setan or devil to describe spiciness of its sambal. One of super spicy sambal in South Jakarta you should not miss is Waroeng Tiki Taka.

Tiki Taka itself inspired by style of Barcelona. This modest stall located at Jalan Petogogan II No. 45, South Jakarta surely popular among sambal connoisseur. Open from 7.30pm, Waroeng Tiki Taka has various dishes such as chicken, duck, chicken intestines, jengkol (dog fruit), tofu, tempeh, squid, shrimp, freshwater and sea fishes served with super spicy sambal. 

And best seller dish is chicken, it probably looks plain but definitely has delicious taste. Before frying the chicken, it first cooked with presto pressure cooker to give tender texture. There is no spicy level here, all (sambal) made with same spiciness. For those who cannot handle spicy, can add sweet soy sauce available at each table.

Its sambal made of hundreds of extra-spicy red cayenne peppers with shrimp paste. Served with a bowl of tamarind soup (sayur asem) and warm white rice, you just cannot stop munching even your mouth feel the heat. To get rid of heat, all dishes here also served with cucumbers and boiled chayote. 



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Waroeng Tiki Taka
Jl. Petogogan II No. 45, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160 (150 meter dari Exit C Stasiun MRT Blok A)

Open Hours:

19.30 – 00.00 WIB (Senin tutup)

More Information:

Phone: 085319355786