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Try Safe and Comfortable Waxing at WL Waxing

By Isny Dewi R

01 Aug 2019

WL Waxing offers hair removal services with friendly prices.

Do you want to try waxing but are afraid of getting pain and expensive? Then you should choose WL Waxing as the first place to try waxing. Existed since 2009, at that time there were not many women who knew waxing, but WL Waxing has dared to introduce waxing as a new lifestyle, making it a pioneer in natural hair removal service.

With the tagline, "The Most Comfortable Service with a Painless Pricing in Town", WL Waxing offers the most comfortable service with clean rooms, natural materials for wax, maintaining customers privacy by using curtain to dividing the room. As well as fast and thorough execution of trained therapists. The waxing salon in Jakarta really wants to provide a comfortable and safe treatment place for their customers without having to spend much.


If you are among those who prioritize cleanliness, you will definitely like this place. WL Waxing prioritizes hygiene by applying no double dipping (not dipping the same spatula into wax). This is done to prevent the transmission of bacteria between spatulas. For waxing alone, the salon uses lemon and sugar wax followed by threading and tweezing, to ensure that no hair is left on your skin. Waxing rates at WL Waxing range from Rp. 45,000 to Rp. 550,000.


Besides waxing, the salon also offers other treatments, threading and bleaching. For men who want to try waxing, you can also come here. The location of WL Waxing itself is spread in some areas in Jakarta, including PIM 1, Ambassador Mall, Tebet, Kelapa Gading Mall, Artha Gading Mall, and Lotte Avenue.

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WL Waxing
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