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5 Ways to Optimize Digital Media for The Senior Generation

5 Ways to Optimize Digital Media for The Senior Generation


For some people, working in digital era somewhat like challenging steps. In meantime, digital platform has been made to ensure your business can easily done. But, for them, the senior generation, digital era just like serious threat. They have no idea what is going to happen. Luckily, here are some easiest tips for you to optimize digital media.

1. Technology savvy

To survive in this digital era, you should quickly approaching information and innovation. You should not be mastered, but knowing a lot about modern technology is a must, like smartphone, laptop or social media.

2. Multitasking

You can multitask certain task effectively with digital media. For example, if you are a sales, you should be able to do certain tasks, like promotion, presentation, maintain sales figures, also answering client complains.

3. Work etiquette

You can finish the work even without come face to face with your clients, co-workers or your bosses, otherwise you should lean forward to indicate that you have good etiquette. For example, send appropriate email or use appropriate words in company’s media social and website.   

4. Build good image

Nowadays, a lot of companies use search engine machine like Google to find out about their workers, like you. Build a good image, interesting yet helpful information di any social media or your private blog.

5. Join online forum

Spread your social networking by following some online forum related to your work or hobby. For example, if you are working as TV reporter, you can join TV reporter forum on Facebook. Hope this information is helpful!