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7 Ways to Control Your Financial Based on Jakarta’s Regional Minimum Wage Salary

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19, August 2015

Jakarta’s Regional Minimum Wage (RMW) now is Rp2.700.000,-. If you newly start working and be at that rate, don’t worry. Don’t make the money controls your life, but instead it’s you who control your financial. What should you do?

1. First Thing First
Like what’s written by Stephen Covey, the well-known motivator in USA, on his book “First Thing First”, as a social human being we should do the most priority thing in life before another. And also for you who have income of minimum RMW rate. You should smartly control your finance with making a priority scale of what to buy and what’s not.

2. Choose The Have Fun Moment
The moments of working and having fun indeed should be in same proportion. But at the moment of your RMW income, it is better for you to wisely choose when the time to have fun. For example, go out only on weekend or even only four days in a month, maybe just in Sunday. At first this will be hard, but when you do it as a common activity, you will get used to it.

3. Get Help From Family or Friend
There is no problem if you ask for help from family or friend. It does not mean you have to ask for charity from them every month. The help can be in form of staying at their house and enjoy the home facility such as to sleep and eat.

4. Don’t Quit Until The Probation Time is Over
It is impossible if your income will only stay at the RMW rate forever, it will increase eventually. In the end of probation time or in the time of being permanent employee, you will earn an increase of salary. That is a standard of a company should be. Wait until your probation time is over and when your contract is over, you will see that your income will increase. If at that moment you don’t have the increase, it’s better for you to find a new job.

5. Open Social Media Only Once in A While
Research found that social media is the source of consumerism. Try not to open the social media frequently so you will avoid any promotions available or see you friends’ updates of shopping or hanging out and make you feel like also want to go out.

6. Try to Refuse Friend’s Invitation
Sometimes refusing a friend’s invitation to go out or just to eat out can be the hardest part. That’s why should train yourself to say no when the invitation is not an important one. Remember your priority scale.

7. Forget You Have Some Coins
Coins sometimes can support your life in critical condition. Try to forget that you have some coins and you better save it every time you have one. And in the end of the month, open your coin collections and you will be surprised of the amount.

Miranti Devina
Miranti Devina