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Ways to Increase Holiday Sales

By Eskanisa R

30 December 2019

Easy ways to increase sales during holiday season.

Selling products during holiday season is challenging phase, specifically if products you offer known yet for wider community. If you are facing similar condition, here are simple ways you can do to increase holiday sales.

1. Promotion

Promotion using social media usually considered as one of most effective ways to attract more buyers. Along with that, you can also attract more buyers who spend more time without gadget with offline promotion. It can be done according to strategies you have, for example offering competitive prices, choosing strategic place, giving bonuses or promos and so forth.

2. Sales Tactics

Along with offering discounts and giving bonuses, you can also face challenges during holiday season with clearance or flash sales. Flash sale believed to give a great effect of FOMO (fear of missing out) to buyers. You can ‘remind’ them when flash sale is hold with massive broadcast on the social media, SMS, e-mail, banners on your website if it necessary and you have extra money. Create attractive photos, videos as well as captions to attract buyers.

3. Product Bundle

Product bundle is perfect way to sell your best-selling and less-selling products at once. Buyers more interested with this kind of promo because they think two products with one price is profitable than buying them separately. You can also face the challenge by choosing two less-selling products and offer with discount.



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