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Ways to Make Your Children Excited to Learn during COVID-19

By Eskanisa R

07 April 2020

Keep your children excited to study at home during COVID-19.

Help children studying at home during pandemic of COVID-19 becomes challenging activities parents need to face every single day until further notice from government. Absence of teachers, get too comfortable while studying at home, those could be excuses for children to lose concertation and get lazy. To keep excitement of your children to learn during pandemic of COVID-19, here are some creative ways to be followed.

1. Doing Fun Activities while Taking a Break

As explained in previous article, while studying at home, parents are supposed to follow daily schedule including break time. Use break time to do some fun yet relaxing games. Pick one of your favourite game to be played, make sure it is not online game. For example, puzzle which known has a lot of benefits including developing patience, problem solving skills, memory-train skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

2. Reward

You can give various rewards if your children doing all tasks well, from praising to snacks they like. It helps them get used to facing difficulties while studying. After successfully going through some difficulties, they deserve reward. For example, you can give them favourite snacks after all tasks given done, hope reward can motivate them as well as keep them excited studying at home while COVID-19.

3. Become a Professional Teacher

While studying at home, parents could considered themselves as professional teachers. To provide all material needed as well as comfortable and conducive ambience for study, you can spare 30 minutes to rich your source before teaching your children. Make each process enjoyable, for example you can using real familiar objects like coloured pencils, Lego or fruits when teaching your children to count.



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