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Ways to Maximize Instagram for Business

By Eskanisa R

10 December 2018

Simple ways to maximize Instagram account to grow your business.

For those who currently start business using social media, including Instagram, there are simple ways to maximize Instagram account to grow the business.

1. Make Instagram Profile More Attractive

Any kind of business you are currently do, such as online shop or restaurant, make your profile as interesting as possible. Change your Instagram account to a business profile one, make sure you already have a Facebook Page. To be able to activated business features on Instagram, you should have Facebook Page first. It helps you to reach more prospective customers through your photo or video on Instagram. Phone number, address and email must be included on your page. Make sure your Instagram account is not private, to make easier for prospective customers to see any kind of products you offer.

2. Using Right Hashtags

Hashtags is easiest way to gain your likes and followers. However, you should put the right hashtag, it helps you to expand your content reach, target your market and gets more prospective customers enjoying photos or videos of your products. You can either using the common Instagram or make your own signature Instagram that related to your products.

3. Engagement with Followers

The next way to make your prospective customers more interested to your products, upload photos or videos with interesting captions. So, your followers are encouraged to leave a comment or give a like to your content. If you are running out of ideas, you can put popular quotes and put the sources. Last one, you can also upload testimonial photos or videos of people enjoying your products.

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