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Waze Adds New Feature to Navigate Users to COVID-19 Referral Hospitals

By Eskanisa R

29 March 2020

New feature of Waze to Corona referral hospitals in Indonesia.

Urban people has long been best friends of Waze, mainly those who keep stuck in traffic every single day. It simply because this community-based guide application designed very dynamically. For example, route to your destination can be changed immediately along with traffic reports, accidents, police raids, road repairs and so forth in real time for its users.

Seeing the widespread of COVID-19, Waze helped community by adding medical examination centers as well as referral hospital around Indonesia. You can use in easiest way by entering keywords including corona virus, coronavirus, COVID or covid to find nearest medical examination location.

Supported by Map Editor, Waze also adds road closure reports feature to make people (users) easy when they need to go to those hospitals. Waze reminds those (users) who experience specific symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue and shortness breathing to immediately go to nearest referral hospitals to check their health using Waze. You can download Waze for free in App Store and Play Store.



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