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What is the Difference of Depression and Stress?

By Eskanisa R

02 Jul 2019

The difference between depression and stress.

Most people often use these terms, stress and depression in wrong ways. Even these two have quite similar initial symptoms; both have different ways to handle. Continuous headache, tense muscles in neck and back, nervous, uncomfortable feelings with no reason, you probably face stress. And most people has experienced stress with heaps of reasons, for example continually tasks and spit your attention in too many directions.

When someone feels under pressure, they tend to get stressed; especially pressure comes from the surrounding for a long time. However, stress itself can stir up someone to be more enthusiasts or break the spirit already because they have their own self defence mechanism while facing stress.

If you cannot handle its overwhelming feelings, it may lead to depression. In early stages, depression signs by changing moods, sleep patterns and appetite. Sad feeling lasts for a long time may probably a main cause of depression.

Those are followed by messy sleeping patterns, lost appetite also lack of desire to do daily activities including working, socializing or even learning. Depression cannot be taken lightly because the effects are very dangerous including heart attack, Alzheimer’s to tendency to suicide.

  • There are types of depression including Major Depression, Atypical Depression, Dysthymia and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Instead of keep your own worries by yourself, it would be better if you could find and ask professional helps to ease your feelings. You can either go consulting with psychologist or psychiatrist. Right after meet the experts, you may be referred to take therapy or medication.