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What is the Sandwich Generation and the Solution

By Eskanisa R

16 December 2020

It can lead to a number of serious health conditions.

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Maybe you’ve heard this term before, maybe you haven’t, the Sandwich Generation. In developed countries, this phenomenon refers to middle, working-aged individuals who are putting themselves and responsible for caring their parents as well as ensure their own selves (marriage, healthy, and etc).
Most Indonesians caught between parents and their own selves due to vary factors including lack of financial knowledge and skill. Besides, there is a very strong bond, somekind like cultural value to provide for parents once they get to retirement age.
Either parents aren’t demand to be paid back for raising us or it’s someone’s choice to pay back their parents with all money they owe, this phenomenon difficult to face. But, we surely have the decent answer to ease burden by communicating and being very intentional with our spending.
To ease anxiety and stress while deal with money issues, it’s important to share your concern to your family about money and not keep the issues by yourself. You can try with the baby steps including focus on primary needs, electricity, food, and so forth.
Spend and save your money wisely. Budgeting can help you to take care of your own and family needs. Right after you get paycheck, it’s important to collecting main expenses including emergency fund, insurance, and debt. Either credit card, home or vehicles.
No matter what your reason is, try to pay your debt in time. If you find big expenses that crop other needs, better to talk with your family members to find a way. You can also consider insurance for your future. Get information about so many types of insurance and find the right one to fit your needs.

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