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What You Should Know about Kreuz Bike

By Isny Dewi R

13 September 2020

Kreuz, a folding bike manufacturer from Bandung, West Java.

Photo source: @kreuz.indonesia
During the COVID-19 pandemic, cycling has become a favorite activity for people. Apart from being healthy, bike is also considered to be a safe transportation from the transmission of the coronavirus.
There are many brands of bike that can be used. However, currently there is a local bike brand that is becoming a byword among bike enthusiasts. It’s Kreuz, a folding bike manufacturer from Bandung, West Java. Even President Jokowi had uploaded a photo of himself using a Kreuz bike.
Previously, this local bike was widely discussed because it was considered to resemble Brompton (folding bikle manufacturer from London). There are so many enthusiasts for Kreuz folding bikes, that the pre-orders are full until 2023. So, what makes this bike so popular? Here are some interesting things about Kreuz folding bike:
1. Similar to Brompton
Launching, one of the owners of 2017 Brompton blue-black edition M6R, Olan (48), told that his bike was mistaken for a Kreuz by someone. He said, when he was about to fold the rear wheel of his Brompton, he was approached by someone and asked if his bike was the latest Kreuz.
2. Handmade Process
Kreuz founders, Yudi Yudiantara (50) and Jujun Junaedi (37) confessed their interest in Brompton bikes because the bikes had three folds. They were then inspired to make a bike that has the same function but at a lower price. They then tinkered with their friend's Brompton to create the first prototype of a Kreuz bike with the same functionality as possible.
All of Kreuz's bike work is done handmade by involving many small industries, from lathes to plastic molders, with domestic raw materials. As for spare parts, Yudi revealed that Kreuz spare parts can also be used for Brompton bikes.
3. Prices are Quite Cheap
Many people want Kreuz bike because the price is cheaper. The price of Kreuz frame set is around Rp. 3.5 million. This price is certainly much cheaper than Brompton, which is sold for around Rp. 30 million. Meanwhile, for a full bike, Kreuz bike is set at Rp. 8 million. To order this 'Brompton' from Bandung, prospective buyers can contact Kreuz WhatsApp and pay a 50 percent down payment.
4. Ordered by President Jokowi
The quality of Kreuz bike even reached President Jokowi's ears. The number one person in Indonesia brought two Kreuz bikes, for himself and Iriana, Jokowi's wife. According to the Instagram account of @ kreuz.pannier, the frame of Jokowi’s bike is given the frame number 0001. The bike is also marked with the words "Made in Bandung, Indonesia". Meanwhile, Iriana's bike frame has number 0002.
Photo source: Instagram @jokowi

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