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What You Shouldn’t do When Diving in Thousand Islands

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
15, March 2019

As we know, Thousand Islands has a lot of spots for those who love diving. The most popular spots for divers are Monas and Tanjung Penyu. At these two locations, divers can see how beautiful coral reefs and various marine biota which are unexpectedly still in Jakarta. But remember! Diving in the Thousand Islands still has rules. There are a number of things that divers shouldn’t do when diving in the Thousand Islands, reported from

1. Shooting Fishes and Damaging Coral Reefs
The mistake often made by divers in the Thousand Islands shooting fishes and damaging coral reefs. This is certainly will disrupt marine ecosystem. Especially at this time, local government assisted by diving lovers is working on the preservation of Thousand Islands marine biota. Sometimes there are people catching fishes in the Thousand Islands by diving, then shooting fishes and damaging coral reefs.

2. Holding Sea Animals
Holding sea animals is one thing that is strictly prohibited, not only in the Thousand Islands, but in all dive sites. Basically sea animals are not as aggressive as animals in rivers or lakes. But holding sea animals can also endanger the safety of divers themselves. Animals will also feel disturbed if being held. So when diving, just enjoy the beauty without disturbing the life in it.

3. Throwing Garbage
Not a few divers find garbage in the sea. This kind of thing is concerned. Even though it is unknown where the garbage came from, but of course divers are forbidden to dispose of garbage in the sea. Because, in addition it will disturbing sea ecosystem, it also damages the beauty of the sea itself. It is better if divers can help to clean up.

4. Dive Alone
"Never dive alone!". The phrase might be familiar to divers. It's not just a matter of romance when diving. Diving with buddies will make diving safer. This is also a diving safety standard. Buddies can help other divers if they are in trouble. If necessary, diving should be accompanied by a divemaster.

5. Diving Without Permission
Every dive in the Thousand Islands must first obtain permission from the local tourism. That way diving will be controlled and can prevent various practices that can damage sea life. Permits must also be made for divers safety. So if there is a problem while diving, help will come quickly. If these rules are followed, the underwater life of the Thousand Islands will be maintained, and your diving moments will be even more meaningful.

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.