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WhatsApp and Instagram Support Video Call with 50 People

By Eskanisa R

27 May 2020

Online meetings can be much more easily with this apps.

It was likely that Facebook will not lose competitiveness with other applications which support video call with dozens people, they decided to launch similar feature called Messenger Rooms.

Not only Facebook users, WhatsApp and Instagram users can also enjoy this promising feature with other 49 people for video calling without time limits. On Facebook, Messenger Rooms still can be used by those who even do not have Facebook accounts. They will receive a link to join and make video calls with Messenger Rooms.

For WhatsApp users, this feature appeared on WhatsApp Android beta 2.20.163 after clicking the “Attachment” icon on the right side of the message column. For iOS, this feature can be find on latest updated WhatsApp

For Instagram, Messenger Rooms can be find after clicking Direct Message on the top right, next to your account name, and click on the “video” icon, “create a room” then invite friends, family or whomever else you had want to engage in video call.



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