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Why 10 am is the Ideal Time to Work

Why 10 am is the Ideal Time to Work


Averagely, working time starts from 8 am or 9 am. According Dr Paul Kelley, the sleep expert from Oxford University, England, if someone starts to work at 9 am, his/her body will get exhausted and stressed because they are not having enough sleep. He then said that there are some reasons why 10 am is the ideal time to work. Keep reading this article!

1. Match the Circadian Rhythm
All living things have a time mechanism, or said as a natural body clock to control their activity period. This is what we called as circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm focuses on the physiology or biological process that change in 24 hours. For example, someone can be more energetic, alert, and focus when doing activities in the morning. While from the evening to the night, the body starts to lose its focus and alert when doing something. And vice versa. That is why, Dr Paul Kelley says that working time and school time are better to be started from 10 am to match the human natural circadian.

2. Body Needs Synergy and Sunlight
Just like a car, it should undergo a warm up before it is used, so the machine works properly and synergistically. As said before, body has a 24-hours circadian rhythm and it cannot be changed as you want. Because if it is changed randomly, it can affect the body health. Not only that, our body will also synergize itself to the sunlight, and that signal will be sent into the brain’s hypothalamus to be synchronized with the circadian rhythm. As written on http://www.gelombangotak.com, circadian rhythm for each person is affected by the sunlight. If this pattern is destroyed, it will be hard for us to sleep. So without the light signal, someone’s body will tend to be operated for 25-hours schedule, not 24 hours anymore!

3. Lack of Sleep Can Affect Health
Lack of sleep can affect your health, psychologically and biologically. No wonder if someone can be frustrated, worried, angry, showing impulsive behavior, or even stressed if they have a sleep deprivation. Lack of sleep also affects to body health such as obesity, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, liver, to the decrease of concentration, and also forgetful! So, 10 am is the ideal time to start your work or school. Because human needs enough sleep to do their daily activities maximally.