Why Candy Crush is So Popular?

Why Candy Crush is So Popular?

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Have you ever played Candy Crush? Or maybe still playing it now? This game which can be played in smartphone has been one of the most favorite games among people. These are the secrets:

1. This game can build the players’ habit. For example, when the player runs out of life, they should wait for some time to play it again. This makes the players wait in excitement to play again.

2. Candy Crush makes people obsessed. If the game is too easy, the players won’t feel like they want to play it again. So people like to play Candy Crush cause this game is difficult enough and makes people wonder how to finish it. Of course, this thing is a strategy considered by the Candy Crush developer.

3. Candy Crush has nice and eye-catchy design, and suit for people in all ages. It can be integrated with social media such as Facebook so you can play with your friend. Candy Crush also provides cheat to finish the level by buying additional feature.