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Why COVID-19 Curve in Indonesia Not Flattened Yet?

By Eskanisa R

22 June 2020

To remain disciplined follow health protocol for better future.

Photo source: Pixabay

More than three months after declared as a global pandemic, in some countries, COVID-19 curves are not flattened yet. In Indonesia itself, the growth of COVID-19 cases relatively fluctuating.
From, Eijkman-Oxford Clinical Research Unit (EOCRU) revealed up until now Indonesia has not displayed a proper curve based on epidemiological science standards. Iqbal Elyazar as biostatistics expert from EOCRU explained standard curve consists of vertical Y axis showing number of new cases and horizontal X axis indicating date when people have first symptom, infection, and examined date.
While the X axis on curve which delivered by government every day shows only number of reported COVID-19 cases. It should not be reported (number) cases because numbers might be higher related to the capacity of checking laboratories or inadequate test kits.
Alongside the non-standard curve, new normal scenario has invited controversy. Many people assumed this pandemic was over while government announced new normal to keep people productive by continuing standard health protocol including wearing mask, washing hand routinely, keeping the distance as well as avoid crowds.
In fact, many people are being ignorant to not apply those health protocol. This virus has ability to spread from a person to others if they do not keep safe distance, yet easily transmitted where there is direct contact.
Hence, the implementation of new normal does not mean people are free to run their errands like before this pandemic happened. People can run their daily errands like working, going to markets while following health protocol to prevent spread of this virus. We all need to be responsible of our and other lives by keep following health protocol until vaccine or medicine of this virus is found. If you have no errands to run, stay at home!

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