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Why is it Recommended to Break Fasting with Dates?

Spectr News Theme Isny Dewi R.
14, May 2019

Ramadan is synonymous with dates. This is indeed related to the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, that break fasting with dates and water. As explained, dates actually have many benefits which are ideal for break fasting. dr. Tan Shot Yen, a community nutritionist said, the principle of break fasting is cancelling your fasting, with adequate rehydration (because the main problem of fasting is dehydration) and takjil which does not burden digestion or is digested too quickly into sugar.

And dates are a kind of food that do not burden your digestion. This can be assessed from the glycemic index or the size of the food speed turned into sugar. In numbers, the human glycemic index is divided into low (less than 55), moderate (56 to 69), and high (more than 70). When referring to the index, white rice, wheat bread, white bread, and rice porridge have high glycemic index. While red rice and dates have moderate glycemic index.

Other food with low glycemic index is raisin. From this data, conclusions can be drawn, the best takjil for break fasting is food with moderate and low glycemic index. Conversely, if you break fasting with high glycemic indexed foods makes your blood sugar condition soar quickly but also easily falls.

In this case, break fasting is not just pursuing to rising your blood sugar. However, there are other foods that are sufficiently recommended to break fasting besides dates, such as fruits complete with peanut rebut or roasted cashew. For other foods, it is recommended to consume non-fried foods such as grilled fish cake without sago, siomay, pecel Madiun, and tempe penyet. So, what's your break fasting menu today?

Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.