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Women Street Photographers Replace Men Domination in Street Photography

Women Street Photographers Replace Men Domination in Street Photography


In the era of social media like these days, make almost everyone love to take any moments in their lives. With phone in hand, they take pictures and upload it to their social media. But it would be different if we talk about professional photography. It is like a man-thing, especially in street photography thing.

Kicked off that perception, then comes a community called Women Street Photographers. This community carrying women contribution and involvement in visual art, especially street photography. Starts from The Her Side of the Street movement, Women Street Photographers formed and starts echoed to international.

Women Street Photographers supports women to be brave to go down the street. Via their Instagram account, women from around the world invited to joined and get contribute send their best street photograph.

There are various kind of photo style they showed on Instagram. Some of them love to use black & white tone, retro nuance, etc. These kind of expression are well accepted and appreciatedFor women who loves photography so much, it is good for you to join this community and get to know other women photographer from around the world. Remember that visual art is not only a man-thing. Ladies, you can also doing it!