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Wonderloft Hostel Offers More Than Just Bed and Breakfast

Wonderloft Hostel Offers More Than Just Bed and Breakfast

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It's not a secret anymore that Jakarta is Indonesia's megacity. So, don't be surprised if cost of living in this city is higher than any other cities in Indonesia. Even so, Jakarta still being the magnet for travelers, because the city has a lot of popular landmarks, like National Monument (Monas). Besides that, Jakarta has also many choices of place to stay.

For those who have more budget, they might choose good hotel to stay. But it's way different for backpackers who used to save their money while traveling. A place like hostel will be the best choice for them to stay. Hostel usually offers friendly rate. Even these days, there are a lot of hostel popping up in Jakarta with some good facilities. And that's what exactly Wonderloft Hostel offers to you.

The hostel strategically located at Taman Sari, West Jakarta. Wonderloft is inside Kota Tua (Jakarta Colonial Heart) and only 300 meter from BRT Station (Busway) and Commuter Rail. Wonderloft Hostel will spoil you with full facilities such as Super fast wifi, spacious locker, pool table, ping pong table, kitchen, computer station, and free breakfast.

And what about the rooms? Wonderloft offers two kind of dormitory rooms, mixed dorms with 8 bed-dorm andgirls-only dorms with 8 bed-dorm. There are also bunkbed dorm with 4-bed dorm, Deluxe Twin Room with Shared Bathroom, Deluxe Twin Room with Ensuite Bathroom, and Small Twin Room with Shared Bathroom. Not only simple, the dorm and the room are also comfortable, and Every room has it own unique design! Every completed with dividing panels, equipped with a bed light and spacious locker for comfort and privacy.

Photo Source: https://www.instagram.com/wonderlofthostel

Stay at Wonderloft Hostel will not drain your wallet, you just have to pay aroun Rp 95.000 per night. Perfect for backpackers!


Jl. Bank No.6, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Jakarta Barat


021 26072218