Thursday, April 02, 2020

Xurya Daya Indonesia, Your Solar Panel Solution

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18, February 2020

Do you want to save on electricity costs while at the same time fight against climate change? It's time you start switching to using solar-powered electricity (PLTS). One way that is easy enough to realize is to use solar panel roof.

The use of solar panel will help you reduce the use of conventional electricity. Then how is it done? No need to worry! You can count on this startup that offers solar panel roof installation solution. PT Xurya Daya Indonesia is ready to facilitate people who want to install solar panels.

Xurya Daya Indonesia is ready to facilitate the installation of solar panels at no cost. Xurya only charges the difference between the electricity savings received by the customer. For example, if you have an electricity bill of Rp. 100 million per month before using solar panel, then after installation of solar panel the electricity bill is reduced to Rp. 60 million.

The fee charged is a percentage of electricity savings of Rp 40 million. The percentage also varies, depending on the company. Besides saving electricity cost, the use of solar panel can also help preserve the environment.

Top photo credit: Instagram @energixurya


Isny Dewi R.
Isny Dewi R.