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Yansen Kamto Start with The Spirit of Giving

Yansen Kamto Start with The Spirit of Giving


Some people becomes an entrepreneur to have a business, while others have the purpose to give benefit to their surroundings. The second type may be best to represent Yansen Kamto, the CEO and founder of KIBAR.

KIBAR is an IT consultant company incorporated with Google Developer Groups (GDG) in Indonesia. The office is in Menteng, Jakarta Pusat. This company is involved in many activities held by Google in Indonesia, such as Google Business Group, Blogger Nusantara, Women Wired Weekend, GeekFest, etc. Until now, KIBAR already has 18 subsidiaries, one of them is FemaleDev, a community for women application developer in Indonesia.

As the one and only Google official partner, KIBAR had been through a long journey. Yansen started his work by being a volunteer for Google event. From his knowledge and experience, this man who was born on 3rd August 1981 was inspired to build a start-up that could bring Indonesia forward with the innovation of technology. The first problem encountered by Yansen was to build trust to the people who would be partners. To solve this problem, having a commitment and dedication to do the best is the key. Besides, Yansen should always improve himself and his team to be better from time to time.

Because of his altruistic soul and hard work, Yansen’s dream slowly but surely came true. Like what he said, don’t ever think to get an advantage but think to be a solution in any problem.