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YouTube Music will Beat Spotify and Apple Music?

By Eskanisa R

18 November 2019

YouTube Music ready to beat Spotify and Apple Music.

YouTube Music is actually not a new feature from YouTube. This music streaming service was launched last November 2015. However, there are some updated features offered by Google as YouTube’s main company which people believe will beat Spotify and Apple Music? Are they?

YouTube Music provides thousands of songs you can easily personalized suit your taste. It recommend songs based on your playlist history. The concept they carried similar to Spotify and Apple Music, there are song and album search, trending playlists, creating playlists and libraries. YouTube Music using Google Assist to give you recommendation songs based on habits, so you can listen songs based on location, time, and your music taste.

Speaking about appearance, YouTube Music offering two options, web and mobile application. Then, what makes YouTube more special than Spotify and Apple Music? YouTube Music also provides myriad variety of song versions (more than officially songs which already have license) including covers, recordings at concerts, and remixes.

YouTube Music available in two versions, free and paid one. Free one included advertisements you can find while listening music, but for paid one there is no ads at al and costs for US$9.99 per month. Are you interesting to give this one try?

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