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Your Beauty Solution

Your Beauty Solution

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For womens, beauty treatment is one of important things in their life. Treatment could help them look beautiful and more confidence. Womens are usually choose to go to skin care to handle it.

In the middle of skin care growing number in Jakarta, feels like a bit hard to find a trusted one. But, do not worry! You can rely on ZAP Clinic to get your beauty.

Why ZAP? Because this beauty clinic is giving priority on security and comfort. For example, Face Toning treatment which using laser technology. All laser procedures are done by experienced doctor under tight supervision of ZAP and medical consultant.

This treatment help you to fix skin problems on dermis layers. Because it does not require a surgical procedure, so it is relative safe and minimal risk. This treatment is also painless and no need long time recovery.

Face toning is kind of multi-function treatment, which could shrinking the pore, reducing oil productions on the face, eliminating the fleck, tightening the skin, disguising smooth wrinkles, and reducing acnes. This treatment only take about five minutes with very affordable cost, starts from Rp 199.000,-

For you who have sensitive skin usually only will cause light reddish for a while. After that, you can wearing your favorite cosmetics.

Beside Face Toning, ZAP Clinic is also featuring any beauty products, such as ZAP Beauty Cream, Brightening Cream, Facial Wash, and Lip Blush.


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