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Safe Solution for Child Immunization in the Middle of a Pandemic

By Isny Dewi R

19 November 2020

ZAP Health provides health services that focus on preventive care for mothers and children.

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In a pandemic like today, bringing children to health facility to get immunizations is a challenge. On the one hand, going to a health facility is not the right solution, because it is too risky to contract the Coronavirus. Not to mention that children are known to be the most vulnerable group to be infected with the Coronavirus, because their bodies do not yet have strong defense against the virus.
However, on the other hand, child immunization must still be prioritized and should not be postponed, especially for babies. Then, what's the solution?
No need to worry, you can take advantage of ZAP Health. ZAP Health provides health services that focus on preventive care for mothers and children such as gynecology, complete child immunizations, adult vaccinations, to immunity enhancement treatments which are carried out directly by experienced doctors.
This health service is available at 18 ZAP Premiere locations and 31 ZAP Clinic locations throughout Indonesia. ZAP Health prioritizes security, punctuality, ease of reservation, and ensures practicality with a system that has been integrated online. The services available at ZAP Health include complete immunization for children aged 0 - 18 months, adult vaccinations, Obgyn, immunity care, and COVID-19 Test.
Especially for ZAP Health services at ZAP Premiere, complete child immunization will be handled directly by a pediatrician. Meanwhile, for expectant mothers who want to have uterine checkup, an Obgyn specialist is ready to help you.
Immunizations at ZAP Clinic and ZAP Premiere are guaranteed safe because they apply strict health protocols, including children who can only be accompanied by one person who is healthy, doctors and staff on duty also apply strict health procedures. In addition, the beds used are always sprayed with disinfectant liquid and covered by disposable layer.
If you are still worried, ZAP Health also provides home service and online consultation. To book ZAP Health service, you can contact ZAP Client Care at 1500310, send Whatsapp to 0811 1031 082, or via ZAP Insta Assistant by sending DM to @zaphealth. You can see more complete information on

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